Flossing your teeth – step by step

How often should you use dental floss?

How often dental floss? It was one of the most common questions that Swedes put to Google in 2015. Because it may feel both time consuming and complicated to use floss, it may seem attractive to ignore it. However, dental floss is a fundamental necessity for good oral health and healthy teeth.

Why is it so important to use dental floss?

The dandruff removes food residues and bacteria that enter the spaces between the teeth and the gums. There you will not only deal with the toothbrush. If such bacteria are left, plaques form a thin, transparent bacterial coating. In turn, the plaque can turn into tooth decay, which makes it very difficult to keep your teeth clean and eventually can lead to swollen, inflamed and bleeding gums, called gingivitis. Regular use of dental floss is the best way to prevent gingivitis and dental loss.

Dental floss in the morning or evening does not matter?

We recommend that you use dental floss once a day. Many people would like to do this before bedtime to keep your mouth clean overnight. But if you’re too tired in the evenings, it’s just as good to use dental floss in the morning or simply when it suits you.

How do you actually use the dental floss?

Follow these instructions to use dental floss in the best way:

  • Take a piece of floss of about 40 cm and wrap it around the middle finger on each hand.
  • Hold the dental floss in a firm grip between the thumb and index finger with a 2.5-5 cm piece left between the fingers and carefully insert it into a dental space.
  • Place the dental floss around the tooth and allow it to slide up and down along the side of the tooth. Be sure that the thread reaches all the way a bit under the gum. Avoid wearing too tight and worn out the dental floss as it may damage the gums.
  • Follow these steps on all your teeth.

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